Quit WTR® Lung Recovery Shot – Original, 4 Pack

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– Quit WTR is a smoking cessation shot that can help you curb cravings and stop smoking.
– The herbal formula promotes calm feeling of relaxation to help overcome withdrawal symptoms.
– Easy to use, works fast, takes away the urge to smoke, can help reduce stress or anxiety.
– 100% Drug-Free, No Nicotine, No Caffeine, Natural, Non-Addictive, Great Taste, 0-Calorie, 2.5fl Oz
– Whether you want to quit one day at a time or one cigarette at a time Quit WTR can help.

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EXPERIENCE NICOTINE WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS? Are you struggling to quit smoking or constantly get cravings to smoke?

Along with support, drink a shot of Quit WTR throughout the day as needed for fast and long-lasting craving relief.

>>> The habit of smoking can be difficult to break, but it can be replaced. Quit WTR is intended to help people stop smoking cigarettes. Whether you want to quit one day at a time or one cigarette at a time Quit WTR can help. WHY USE QUIT WTR?

>> Quit WTR is a fast-acting smoking cessation supplement specifically formulated to help you fight against cravings with a natural blend of herbs and spices.

>> Since Quit WTR is a natural quit smoking aid it can be used by itself or together with any smoking cessation product. Quit WTR is also a safer and healthier quit smoking alternative than nicotine gum, nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges, Chantix or e-cigarettes.

> Quit WTR can help you get through the day without giving in to the urge to smoke. Use Quit WTR to suppress your desire to smoke without any harmful chemicals or addictive ingredients.

>> Drink a shot of Quit WTR and quickly forget about lighting up.

>> Even if you’re not ready to stop smoking completely, you can still use Quit WTR – When, where and how you quit is up to you. Quit WTR will not become another substance you are dependent on but rather a helping hand as you break your unwanted habit.

THE BENEFITS OF QUIT WTR: Nicotine-Free / Drug-Free / Product of U.S.A. 0 calories, Sugar-Free & No weight gain. Overcome the urge to smoke quickly & easy. Helps Reduce Stress & Promote Relaxation. Safe Way To Quit Smoking & Improve Health. Perfect size to take with you anywhere (2.5 oz) Maximum Craving Relief & Long Lasting Results Increase Your Chances Of Quitting For Good!

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