Full 4 Week Essential Quit Smoking Kit To Help Reduce Cravings & Stop Smoking

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A BETTER, SAFER & EASIER WAY TO QUIT: This Quit Kit features therapeutic smoking cessation methods designed to help you stop smoking and become smoke-free for life!

  • New therapeutic solution to help satisfy cravings & hand-to-mouth habit.
  • Tested & proven method to help quit and overcome the urge to smoke.
  • Safer alternative to smoking & vaping / Refreshing, Effective & Easy to use.
  • Does Not Contain Any Harmful Substances / No Nicotine & No Tobacco.
  • 100% Non-Electric • Smokeless & Vaporless / Instant Relief Anytime & Anywhere.

This pure and natural stop smoking remedy developed by healthcare professionals. The patented therapeutic quit smoking solution focuses on satisfying both the psychological & physical “hand to mouth” habit which most smokers find difficult to overcome when quitting. Quit Products help thousands of people successfully quit smoking each year. You can successfully stop smoking now! Even if you haven’t succeeded before

QuitKit™  Natural Stop Smoking Aid
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  • #1 NATURAL QUIT SMOKING ALTERNATIVE: This Quit Kit is a pure & natural therapeutic alternative that can help reduce cravings and overcome the urge to smoke without any nicotine, tobacco or unwanted chemicals. Harmless Cigarette can help you successfully quit or replace smoking once and for all.
  • ENJOY USING ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Ready & Easy to Use Anytime, Anywhere. This method is 100% Non-Electric, Smokeless, Vaporless, Nicotine Free & Tobacco Free. So it can be used and enjoyed anytime, anywhere including in non-smoking areas. No smoke or vapor is inhaled or exhaled.
    Quit Products features therapeutic quit smoking alternatives that have been tested and proven to help with quitting. This Quit Kit can be used by itself and is perfect to use in combination with other natural smoking cessation support remedies such as the QuitPop craving crushers. Harmless Cigarette is also safe to use together with nicotine patches, nicotine gum, smoking cessation pills, nicotine lozenges, quit smoking tea, quit smoking magnet therapy, and stop smoking homeopathic spray.

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  1. Trevor H

    I defiantly recommend using these harmless cigarettes to help you quit. This stuff is really great for long road trips and mid-day cravings at the office. I’ve been using it for a while now and recently only need to use it every now and then for mild cravings which I hardly even get now.

    Trevor H

  2. Melanie R

    This has made quitting smoking nearly hassle free. I’ve had some withdrawal symptoms but nothing severe and the more im using this the less withdrawals I get. Thank you so much for this product.

    Melanie R

  3. William B

    Its working pretty good for me, and happens to be a good product for the price and consistency. I’m on my 2nd week and it’s really helping me a lot. I’ve already cut down from a pack or more a day down to aprox 1-2 a day now and I’ll be starting to go with no smoking starting on Sunday. I can say that it defiantly works and it’s worth it!

    William B

  4. Anonymous

    ery helpful and useful stop smoking aid for quitting !! I’m using these harmless cigarettes now and LOVE them!!


  5. Holly M

    Best I have ever tried and very effective at curbing the craving for smoking. I use it everyday and it’s great!

    Holly M

  6. ByElizabeth J. G

    Works great! 9 days smoke free for my husband and myself! This helps control your craving while saving a few bucks.

    ByElizabeth J. G

  7. Stephen S. F

    I tried a multitude of cessation programs over the years. I did quit cigarettes 15 years ago but picked up cigars 30 months ago, at first not inhaling. Well…dizzy spells, zapped energy & finally bronchitis brought me crashing down which ended up getting back hooked on smoking again unfortunately. I needed something that would help me quit and after reading about the latest products I was impressed with this harmless cigarette quit quit stops smoking package so ended up trying it and and I AM SHOCKED AT HOW EFFECTIVE THIS REALLY IS! My Nicotine cravings: Gone ! Gone ! Gone ! 100%

    Stephen S. F

  8. Kevin R. G

    I tried patches gum sprays strips and everything in between, but nothing comes close to this harmless cigarette. The nicotine from all patches and gum stuff just made me want to smoke more, and when I started using this after a week I felt like my cravings for nicotine have decreased dramatically. So basically it helps remove the nicotine out of the system which helped me get off of nicotine all together, and I don’t feel the need for nicotine that much anymore. I still continue to use the harmless cigarettes and absolutely love them! I highly recommend it and its an absolute fantastic quit smoking aid!!

    Kevin R. G

  9. Roberto J. B

    I bought these to use along with a prescription my dr gave me a while a go and they’ve helped with the cravings they are like the best buffer to stop hard core cravings. I got the full quit kit and quit in April and now almost gonna be June without a single smoke since…. so they do help!!

    Roberto J. B

  10. Anonymous

    I had bad coughs for a few weeks and needed to replace something for smoking, these harmless cigs and saved my life. Best replacement to smoking and amazing product to quit smoking


  11. Hurst



  12. Robert S. Waldo

    This product is so supreme compared to so many others that I have tried. Out of all the other NRT products this ones the only one that works! Great product!

    Robert S. Waldo

  13. Abigail

    love it….. it really does work. the shipment got delayed over the holidays…..but worth the wait


  14. Lawrence M

    This helped me quit! I have finally quit smoking! This worked for me and can work for anyone! Good luck to all of those who are trying to quit. Whatever works is what works but I really think this will help.

    Lawrence M

  15. Nicholas

    So far so good and no more cravings! Making my way down from a pack a day been pretty good today…


  16. Wesley K. H

    This stuff is really great for long road trips and mid-day cravings at the office. I used it for a while now and recently only needed to use it every now and then. I hardly get cravings now!

    Wesley K. H

  17. Kari R. G

    Just purchased the harmless cigarette quit kit and I cant wait to get it! I’m so excited to finally quit. My sister used it and it helped her so I know it will work for me.

    Kari R. G

  18. Anja W

    It does have a nice flavor. But I need to use it for a long time so it can help.

    Anja W