Harmless Cigarette Quit Smoking Aid, 30 Day Quit Kit, Oxygen

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Natural Stop Smoking Aid / Helps make it easy to quit and replace smoking.
Oxygen Smokeless Inhaler / Satisfies cravings & hand to mouth symptoms.
Tested & proven to help curb cravings / Does Not contain any harmful substances.

• Helps overcome the urge to smoke.
• Safer Alternative to smoking & vaping.
• Refreshing, Effective & Easy to use.
• Pure & Natural • No Nicotine & No Tobacco.
• 100% Non-Electric • Smokeless & Vaporless.
• Quick Relief • Use it Anytime & Anywhere.

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Oxygen Quit Smoking Kit

The New 30 Day Oxygen Quit Kit – Includes all the necessary items you will need to help you successfully stop smoking. This starter set comes with 3 Smokeless inhalers / Smoking Cessation Support Guide / Hypnosis Audio Book / $10 Coupon and more.

You can stop smoking now! Even if you haven’t succeeded before.

Quit Products Offers 24/7 Live Support to help you on your quit journey. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Harmless Cigarette is a pure & natural therapeutic alternative that can help reduce cravings and overcome the urge to smoke without any nicotine, tobacco or unwanted chemicals. Harmless Cigarette can help you successfully quit or replace smoking once and for all.

A stop smoking remedy developed by experienced health care professionals. Harmless Cigarette is a patented therapeutic quit smoking solution that’s designed to help satisfy the psychological and physical hand-to-mouth addiction which most smokers find difficult to overcome when quitting.

Harmless Cigarette is Ready & Easy to Use Anytime, Anywhere. Harmless Cigarette is 100% Non-Electric, Smokeless, Vaporless, Nicotine Free & Tobacco Free. So it can be used and enjoyed anytime, anywhere including in non-smoking areas. No smoke or vapor is inhaled or exhaled.

Harmless Cigarette is a Natural Therapeutic Quit Smoking Aid that has been tested and proven to help with quitting. Harmless Cigarette can be used by itself or together with other nicotine aid (NRT) products.

Harmless Cigarette is Refreshing, Relaxing & Relieving to help make quitting easy.

Quit Products features therapeutic quit smoking alternatives that have been tested and proven to help with quitting.

This Quit Smoking Kit can be used by itself and is perfect to use in combination with other natural smoking cessation support remedies such as the QuitPop craving crushers. It’s also safe to use together with nicotine patches, nicotine gum, smoking cessation pills, nicotine lozenges, quit smoking tea, quit smoking magnet therapy or stop smoking homeopathic spray.

Quit Products help thousands of people successfully quit smoking each year. You can successfully stop smoking now! Even if you haven’t succeeded before.

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  1. Silvia k

    Great product, defiantly worth a try if you want to quit smoking.

    Silvia k

  2. cesavice

    Being a smoker for over 30 years it’s hard for me to work eight hours a day without having to sneak away from my desk to get a cigarette, this greatly helps me work efficiently and Moesley it solves my hand habit of having a cigarette. I have also noticed my craving stopping from the subconscious behavior of habit that cigarette in my hand. I have tried other devices and I just didn’t seem to help. This is a really innovative product and I highly recommend it. 10/10


  3. Denise Givan

    I was very skeptical since I smoked for years and never had luck quitting. But, I used this for about 9 days and counting and Im happy tell you that I’M STARTING TO BECOME A NON SMOKER! I approached it as a challenge and I won

    Denise Givan

  4. Amazon Customer


    Amazon Customer

  5. Comment|Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse 5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars BySandra McGinley

    fast shipment, as described.

    Comment|Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse 5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars BySandra McGinley

  6. Una Smith

    I have COPD and know many ppl suffering unfortunately as well, and there are not many products which I can use for quitting b/c of my situation. So I got the Oxygen one of these and it really seems to be helping. It has a nice filter that eases cravings. Thank you for a great product!

    Una Smith

  7. Myrtle Thompson

    I’m very impressed with the speed that this was shipped in and so far just by looking at the product it’s working as described. Worth it for cutting down on smoking and helping for quitting!

    Myrtle Thompson

  8. Henry D. Gill

    Harmless Cigarettes work very well to help break the smoking addiction and habit. I am an athlete and these are the only cigs that I will ever use. Since they’re natural and harmless, not only do they help me reduce cravings, I can use this at all times even after I quit which is pretty brilliant!

    Henry D. Gill

  9. Gordon Adams

    This really works. I’ve tried wellbutrin, chantix, vaping, and now this. It was a last ditch effort, as vaping has me more addicted to nicotine than i ever was with cigarettes (because I don’t have to go outside, deal with the stink, etc., i can just puff away). I had limited hopes for this product, but each time I take Chantix, it works until I’m *almost* off before it makes me so sick I have to stop. It’s been a frustrating cycle, and I firmly believe Chantix is a miracle product – if you can work through the insane nausea and nightmares. It’s still better than the 3,000 chemical assault of a cigarette. Anyway, I was surprised that this product worked almost immediately. I lost the taste for the vapes, and still “mouth” it, but went from 6 cartridges on a bad weekend day to a single cartridge over three days in less than a week. I’ve lost the desire/ability to inhale the vapes and know within another week I’ll be free of this monkey that has plagued me for more than a year. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain…try it.

    Gordon Adams

  10. Lisa Hinson

    This is a safe and natural way to quit smoking.

    Lisa Hinson

  11. Billy Gaskins

    My son used this to quit. Smoking almost killed him. Harmless cigarette really did help him and its a true blessing to see him healthy again.

    Billy Gaskins

  12. Phil Simpson

    I definitely recommend this with patches. i use this together with my patches and it works well. I have gone from smoking a pack a day to 3-4 cigarettes per day and I am pleased with this so far, its been 1 week. I read reviews that said it didnt work. but i think you need to be commited and use together with patches or gum because it helps much better with cravings and agitation.

    Phil Simpson

  13. Melissa

    This product is good to help with keeping your hands busy. I’m still not for sure about helping with the craving.